Published on 06/08/2017 11:54 am
Best 5 Cards In Clash Royale Apk

Clash Royale is one of the best game like real life strategy, and most of the people are like to play this game.

Here you will able to know about the five common cards in clash royale apk which will help you to hit more players. 

Even a lot of players utilize these cards that are not in the meta. After going through the below tips you able to know which card can use in your deck. 

  • Elite Barbarians

  • Zap

  • Ice Spirit

  • Archers

  • Minions

 At every usage of card, your tournament will start with some criteria which are mentioned below, 

Elite Barbarians - By using this card you are leveled up for two. The Elite Barbarians are more solid and quick responsive card.  

 The tournament level will: Speed: Fast, Hit- Point: 1060, Damages: 265, Count: x2, Range: Melee. 

Zap - Will help to reduce the damage to crown towers. It will be dealing with damage inside a small range of radius.

 The tournament level will: Radius: 2.5, Area Damage: 169, Crown Tower Damage: 68.

 Ice Spirit - is a fantastic card for the players. By using this card, you can freeze the enemies for a while.  

The tournament level will: Range: 2.5, Targets: Air & Ground, Duration Of Freeze: 1.5 Seconds. 

Archers - Is the great card which will help you to take down the air and ground. Some armored rangers will ready to help you. 

 The tournament level will: Range: 5, Speed: Medium, Damage: 86.  

Minions - Will help to crush the opponents but they are unarmored attackers and minions able to fly.

 The tournament level will: Speed: Fast, Damage: 84, Target: Both the Air & Ground.

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